Why A Polo Shirt Is For Everyone, No Matter Your Style.

Here's the best why to to style your polo shirt based on fit.

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Originally designed for ease and comfort when playing tennis by Rene Lacoste in the late 1920’s, the polo shirt has become one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe appropriate whether formal or casual.

Polo Shirts for Men.

lacoste mens polo shirts

A variety of fits ensures there is a polo shirt or every man whatever his style.

Original fit polos hold a looser fit but shouldn’t be baggy. Often, the back of the polo sits longer than the front and the sleeves also hold a looser fit making them a practical day to day choice.

Men's Slim Fit Polo as the name suggests offer a slender version of the classic fit polo. The chest, and the waste hold a slimmer cut and the cuff off the sleeve sits higher up on the arm. The length of the slim fit polo is also shorter as often they are worn untucked.

Regular fit polo’s balance between the original and the slim fit, great for those looking for a slimmer cut but still need some flexibility.

Which polo you chose not only depends on personal style but also the occasion.

Paired with Chino pants and a jacket, slim fit polos are perfect for formal occasions or a night out. In the summer Slim fit pique polos worn with Bermuda shorts and straightest Sneakers gives you a smart weekend look!

For those with a more active lifestyle, travelling or playing sport the loser fitting original polo provides comfort and ease.

Trying a different type of polo such as a pique, cotton, or jersey is a great way to change up your normal style and update your look, or purchase a lighter or brighter coloured polo to add flare to your wardrobe. Whatever approach you choose to take, choosing the best fit for your physique and style will add the finishing touch

Polo’s shouldn’t just be kept for your own time, don’t be afraid of wearing your polo to work. Make sure its crease free, tuck it in with a belt and button all the way up. Not only is the polo designed to be worn in this style it also mirrors the aesthetic of a tie.

Polo Shirts for Women.

lacoste womens polo shirts

Similarly to men there is a range of polo options available for women; loose, regular, slim and as well, the polo dress.

To keep a classic look, pair a white polo with dark jeans or alternatively a light coloured skirt. For those seeking a more unique appearance use a textured skirt and keep your women's polo shirt buttoned up.

In the summer or those seeking a more casual look, match the Lacoste polo dress with a pair of court shoes.

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