4TH MARCH, 2021

Introducing Our Brand New Polo Shirts

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Lacoste is synonymous with quality and comfort when it comes to Men's Polos and women's polo shirts. From classic, to Men's Slim Fit Polos and sport there is something for everybody.


Lacoste Loop Men's Polo Shirt

Good polos never die. They just get recycled to make new polos. The new Lacoste Loop Polo is crafted from 30% recycled cotton yarn made from unsold Lacoste polos. Because those polos come in many colours and patterns, they create a speckled look that makes every polo unique. Join the circle, close the loop.

The Loop polo begins with Lacoste collecting our Grade-B Polos, after taking out the trims, the products are grinded to fibre making a new recycled cotton yard. This is mixed with virgin cotton to create a new polo and elegant new polo.

THE L.12.21

Lacoste L.12.21 Men's Polo Shirt

The new L.12.21 is a modern take on Lacoste’s timeless and iconic L.12.12 polo shirt, made from the finest materials using the brands singular expertise, this new essentials are the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Using organic cottons and a recycled croc the L.12.21 polo shirt features a new knitted collar, a heritage woven label and keeps its compact heavy pique in a classic fit.

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