Fashion Sport Silhouette

In the city. At the office. During the day. Into the night. The new Lacoste silhouette is a playground where you can express your style and creativity. A wardrobe as versatile as you are. As bold as ever.


Own your new look

Elegant, precise pieces that are always in movement. A cool fashion vibe. Endless possibilities. Make the new Lacoste silhouette your own. Then go out and conquer the city.

Adopt the new Lacoste silhouette

Dresses, sports bras and jackets. An ultra-dynamic, fashion-forward silhouette. Pieces to mix, match, layer or wear solo. An impeccable look, steeped in style

The fashion sport silhouette

Own your new look

Zip up, pull on, match up. The Lacoste silhouette stands out with couture details. Bright colours, graphic prints, flowing materials. It’s your new look.

Every Detail Counts

New movement, new fashion, new style

Women's Collection

Close up of Lacoste pants for men

Men's Collection