The Polo Shirt Care Guide

Washing, drying, ironing, and folding: the simple ritual for an eternal polo shirt.

How to machine wash a polo shirt

Lacoste Polo Care Guide

The polo shirt is compatible with your usual detergent, machine wash it with your daily laundry.

- Before wearing it for the first time and for all future washes, choose a short, daily cycle at 30°.
- Is your polo shirt white? Favour a wash with similar tones, you will avoid any unfortunate colour bleeding.
- Don’t add any fabric softener, it won’t give any suppleness to your polo and can even damage the fibres.
- Forget hand washing that doesn’t allow for precise control of temperature, washing time or detergent concentration and risks damaging your polo shirt.

Easy drying

Lacoste Machine Wash

Petit Piqué cotton is a mesh that loves freedom, allow it to air dry.

- Place your polo shirt, over a clothesline or a drying rack, from well under the sleeves.
- To gain time in ironing, dry your polo on a hanger (preferably plastic to avoid shoulder deformation).
- Avoid clothes pegs that can stretch, deform or mark the item of clothing.
- Your polo shirt does not appreciate machine drying. For it and the planet, banish the tumble dryer.

Delicate ironing

Lacoste Polo Care Guide How To

Enjoy the comfortable sensation of putting on a smooth, impeccable polo.

- By following the above drying advice, you shouldn’t need to iron your polo shirt.
- If, however, you like to put on a polo shirt still warm from ironing, use your iron on a low to medium heat (cotton, wool and viscose).
- Iron your polo shirt inside out to limit any potential white traces.

Polo shirt care bonus tips

Lacoste Polo Care Tips

Those little actions that change everything.

- To remove a stain from your polo shirt: gently pat the stained area cold on both sides of the item of clothing with Marseille soap detergent and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
- For successful folding: place the polo shirt flat, fold the two sides equally with the sleeves on top. Bring the bottom up to the collar. Lightly pull on the four corners to get rid of any little wrinkles. Put it on top of a pile on a shelf or in your suitcase.
- For a polo shirt that is always impeccable: simply store it on a hanger.