Men’s Sneakers by Lacoste

There are plenty of mens sneakers in the world, but there is only one brand who can design sneakers for men that are as elegant as they are sporting. Lacoste is synonymous with French elegance, but don’t let the image fool you. Invented by 1920s tennis champion René Lacoste, who had the determination of a crocodile, Lacoste has been developing men’s casual shoes for a long time. The Lacoste range is extensive – but a few common elements stand out. For one, these men’s sneakers are seriously stylish. Sleek in profile and with and old-school aesthetic, these are casual shoes for men that don’t look sloppy. You won’t find a faddish neon colour with these shoes. Instead, look to the finer details – classic neutral colours, raw-edge detailing, and Lacoste’s custom green embroidered crocodile are found on many of our mens sneakers. Then, there’s the construction of Lacoste’s mens sneakers. Comfort is never compromised, and you can look forward to whole-foot cushioning, lightweight sculpted outsoles, and luxurious textiles and materials when stepping out in Lacoste shoes. Whether it’s the low profile Chaymon in a classic white, the vintage streetwear feel of the T-Clip, or the serious sporty credential of the Match Break, Lacoste mens sneakers will never find you out of style